Makers hate getting typecast.  Forgive the comparison, but one has to think that Leonardo da Vinci or Ben Franklin also disliked getting put solely into the artist, engineer, or designer box.

Sam "Shlomi" Halperin

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Sam is a former US Rowing Junior National sculling champion, and Olympic Festival winner, who now enjoys windsurfing and any opportunity to be on the water.  He has always had a curiosity about technology, engaged in the early BBS culture, and internet (he remembers feeling a little ambivalent about the transition from Gopher and BBS' to WWW).

His early training was in Art and Design, studying Computer Graphics at Penn Design and Yacht Design at The Landing School, but he later focused on Computer Science and Software Engineering at Brandeis and Nova Southeastern University.

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Following our bliss: Posts on auto-didacticism, continuous learning, teaching, and technical evangelism.

Inspiration... (semi) daily.

Injecting some air, passion, and beauty here in the blog.  My instinct has always been that I prefer sites with original content to aggregations of other people's work. However the internet is also like a global atelier**, and sometimes it's good to walk out into the hallway of the building and listen or peek at the door of another creative.

** atelier: meaning studio.  Buy me a coffee and I'll bore you with stories of the old Blauhaus art building at Penn Design. Blauhaus was a pun on Bauhaus, the building was a blue somewhere between royal and navy.  I used to do things like drive my motorcycle in the front door and park in the main gallery :).