Summary Of Experience

In 2013 I moved from a decade of web applications development into mobile development in Android and Java.  I helped Azavea launch a series of applications on the Open Tree Map platform on which I was a core contributor.  The architecture of this library, which I designed and implemented, allowed me to help Azavea spin out themed apps with parameterized configurations, fulfilling a number of significant grants including USDA and SBIR.

After completing OpenTreeMap I went back to Google for advanced training in Android, formalizing many of the core techniques I had learned on the job.

I am currently focused on technical proof of concept level work, library and tooling development, and teaching / learning content creation.  The primary reason for this is that successful app development takes a village of marketing, design, backend and dev-ops work, and my primary goal is advanced development of client-side Android techniques.

15 minutes of fame for my code on Google Developers Live.  

Comprehensive list of launched applications (Android/Java)

  • OpenTreeMap Family (Azavea)
    • OpenTreeMap
    • Grand Rapids
    • Philly Tree Map
    • Urban Forest Project
    • San Diego TreeMap
    • GreenPrint Maps
    • TreeZilla
  • Philly Bike Share Map (Open Data by Ride Indego, Philly Bike Share)
  • Moderne (Open Data by Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum)
  • Philly Crime Map (Open Data by Philadelphia Police Department)
  • Ash - Nonsmoking Meditation
  • Philly Motorcycle Parking
  • Society Hill Towers Architectural Visualization

Android Libraries and Tooling

  • Web Map Services (WMS) on Android
  • Authentication framework for Android using Python, Flask, and the Google API Client

Cross-platform Applications (Ionic and Cordova)

  • President's Dashboard | Jefferson Health
  • Strength Through Insight, Prostate Cancer Study | Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
  • Provider Directory | Jefferson Health
  • QuickCheck Mobile | Solutions for Progress

Android Blog Posts