A Senior Developer's Golden Rule

Think first about what you want to build.  Deeply engage with the domain.  If you want to appeal to windsurfing geeks, become a windsurfing geek, and build an app that is useful to them... then, figure out what kinds of technological wizardry will help you accomplish that vision.  Domain first, content first, product first... never technical exploration for technical exploration or learning sake.

Just Enough Process: Input Artifacts for Client-Side Developers

This is a schematic for process that can be used with Agile development, or any other methodology, and details some of the basic "artifacts" (meaning essentially shared work products, things saved to disk, things emailed, posted in slack, uploaded to basecamp/jira/confluence ...etc) that are pre-requisites (or co-requisites) for successful front end engineering.

HIPAA Backend as a Service (BaaS) Providers and "Social Discovery" endpoints

...A problem arises though, when those services are adapted by the providers (usually in some sort of pivot from a more general non-medical service) to provide a HIPAA compliant service.  Among it's many requirements, HIPAA states, paraphrasing 'though shalt not share Personally Identifying Health Information' without proper and very controlled, logged access.